What is it?

What is the Nth Degree?  It's just one of my favourite expressions taking everything we do to the "Nth Degree" or as far as we can.  For me it represents learning technology as far as we can push it, pushing boundaries (and occasionally buttons!) along the way.  The Nth Degree is really a concept for me of just taking it further than most clinical blogs, you should find my posts full of ramblings, experiences and the occasional good point; but take them as they are, this is not a scientific journal.  Finally of course the Nth Degree is relevant for me because my name starts with N.  I know, I know, the level of wit flies off the page eh?  Anyway, Nth Degree you heard it here first (well, since I didn't exactly invent the phrase I guess that may not be true either, but you probably heard it more often here at least!).

In the world of elearning and learning technologies there are plenty of places where you can go to get so-so learning and so-so advice.  I like to think at the Nth Degree we delve a little deeper and take things a little further.  It doesn't mean everything has to be awesome (although that's kind of the way I like it) but it does mean you have to have at least considered what awesome might actually look like.

The Nth Degree - yeah it's a bit further than others might take it, but I hear it's really great out there...